guided boat diving in Monterey, CA

1.  To book a boat dive at Point Lobos first contact me to insure I'm available.
2.  Then book your reservation and one for "me" Dave Todd 157236 if you want me to dive with you as your guide. Don't pay for the boat, I will take care of that.
3. Communicate a meeting place with me. Note that we will need to have a early start due to the size of the launch ramp and state park, parking lot. We usually meet at the park at 8 a.m.
4. Point Lobos diving is advanced diving not for new cold water divers or the inexperienced. Depths of 60'-100' feet are the norm. 
5. If you are a new diver, consider booking a day of diving off Monterey Blue in Monterey Bay, which is a less demanding dive-- as far as experience and depth is concerned. Then book the second day at Lobos and you should be good to go!
6.  Point Lobos has strict requirements regarding daily limits. Don't forget to bring your cert card on your dive day! If you forget it they will send you home and that's no fun.
7. Finally don't forget to double and triple check your gear. Spares and backup gear is a good idea. 
8. Enjoy your  spectacular dive day at Point Lobos!

point lobos Diving

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